Anand Mahindra Feels This 3-Wheeler Scooter Is A Good Idea For India

Peugeot Metropolis 3W Scooter out of Mahindra’s French Subsidiary inducted in the Guangdong Police SWAT teams’ fleet. The inclusion of the new chariot to the fleet of the Guangdong Police supported by Prakash Wakankar, CEO, Mahindra 2 Wheelers Private Limited on Twitter. It soon caught the eye of Mahindra Group Chairman – Anand Mahindra. He chose to Twitter to express his own love involving this monster.

Anand Mahindra expressed his love with this three-wheeled monster and he had been was fast to ask his colleague – Prakash Wakankar- seeing a cheap version for the Indian industry.

The Metropolis Three-wheeled scooter has been launched from the Chinese market a couple of years back. The generous proportions of this scooter are among the primary highlights giving it the desirable road existence. The visual layout is enhanced with huge apron upfront comprising twin headlamps. The scooter becomes blacked windscreen using a Peugeot emblem on it. The 3 wheels provided on the scooter makes it longer appealing yet distinctive compared to normal maxi scooters.

The Peugeot Metropolis comes powered by a 400cc PowerMotion LFE engine. The engine is capable of churning out a maximum strength of 35 bhp contrary to the peak torque of 38 Nm. The Unit comes paired using an automatic gearbox. Includes a steering system, collectively manufactured by Continental and Nissin. The company offers an Anti-Lock Braking System as standard.

Up to now as the Indian economy is concerned, the introduction of the Peugeot Metropolis is Highly improbable, as of today. With businesses looking to start maxi-scooters in The not too distant future, the tendency for these scooters may thrive very shortly in India. In such a scenario, Mahindra may consider starting the Metropolis scooter here. We have three brand new maxi scooters making their debut at the 2020 Auto Expo earlier this year which includes Aprilia SXR 160, Honda Forza 300, and 22Kymco X-Town 300i ABS. And, Suzuki Burgman 125 maxi-scooter is already on sale in the Indian market.

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