Here’s How You Can Drive Out From Today

Since Lockdown 3.0 kicks in, the whole nation was split into 3 zones based upon the ramifications the Coronavirus pandemic had on this geographical site. If it comes to stepping outside of your home a fantastic number of relaxations are awarded by the Union Home Ministry depending on what zone you reside in. While the Green zones have been allowed a maximum number of activities including the use of public transport and buses, those living in the Orange and Red Zones can use their vehicles or cabs from today even for non-essential activities.

Guidelines For How You Can Drive

The order issued by the Government states that in all 3 zones while using individual 4 wheelers, a maximum of 2 additional passengers apart from the driver are allowed. Pillion passengers on 2-wheelers banned only in the Red zones whenever they’re permitted in the rest of the zones. Any type of public transportation isn’t permitted from the Red zones. However, In Orange and Green Zones, taxis and taxi aggregators are allowed with identical seating conditions since the Red Zones. In Green Airways, buses also permitted to operate using a 50% seat capacity and bus depots can function up to 50% capacity.

The motion for Non-essential actions in most of the zones nevertheless is permitted only from 7 am to 7 pm regular and a curfew passes in necessary to your remaining times. It’s been cited in the arrangement that social distancing needs to be rigorously adhered to constantly. Age, pregnant women, and children under ten decades old can’t measure out in any way times.

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