Lockdown 4.0: Inter-State Movement Of Passenger Vehicles Allowed

As the national shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic is entering its fourth step, the government of the Union has declared the elimination of several restrictions on the usage of personal and public transit vehicles. The Ministry of Home Affairs has released a fresh set of guidelines that now allow for the movement of private passenger vehicles as well as buses between states. This important relaxation is particularly valid across all 3 zones-Red, Orange, and Green. However such rules do not extend to those living in containment zones elsewhere in the country.

Plying Auto rickshaws, taxis, and buses are allowed in all the areas. So far only cabs have been allowed in the Green and Orange Zones too. However, there are also limits on how many people can ride in one car at a time. Although in all areas only 1 passenger is permitted in cars and taxis, private vehicles are able to carry 2 passengers across the zones apart from the driver. Pillion riders are not permitted on two-wheelers in Red Zones.

Just as in Lockdown 3.0 all the above-mentioned practices are allowed every day only between 7 am and 7 pm. Only critical utilities and legitimate pass holders of curfews are permitted to travel after 7 pm. Those over 65 years of age, under 10 years of age and pregnant women are also unable to travel in all places at all times. Those laws also mean that the local garages, as well as repair centers, will open shop, providing they meet both sanitation and social distancing guidelines. However, the Center has said that the states should change these rules in compliance with the prevailing circumstances in their territories.

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