Ola Electric To Launch An Electric Two-Wheeler in 2021: Acquires Amsterdam-Based Etergo

Ola Electric has announced its foray into global and local electric-two wheeler markets. The company will soon launch an electric scooter in India. And to push that project forward, Ola Electric obtained an Amsterdam based firm named Etergo BV, which an OEM engaged in producing electrical two-wheelers. Etergo is a rather new company, based in 2014 and among its main successes was that the Appscooter. The scooter has won several awards throughout the world for advanced design and technology. The Appscooter includes a range of 240 km on a single charge and includes high energy density batteries.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman, Ola Electric stated, “The potential of freedom is electrical, and the article COVID world presents a chance for us to quicken the adoption of electrical freedom globally. Each year, nearly twice the amount of two-wheelers offered throughout the globe when compared with automobiles. With electrical, digitally connected capacities, two-wheelers will emerge as the most favored urban mobility paradigm across the world and enable every customer. We look forward to creating the very best global capabilities in technology, design, and production for all these products to be produced in India.”

Ola Electric is focusing on building an electric car ecosystem including extensive charging and swapping networks throughout the nation. In reality, Ola can be running many pilot applications to deploy electrical vehicles and charging solutions across towns with an emphasis on 2 and 3 wheelers.

The new Ola electric scooter will be launched in India in 2021 and the recent acquisition of Etergo will further fortify the organization’s R&D capabilities. The Etergo’s R&D group has employees who have previously worked with the likes Etergo’s staff will continue to be established From Amsterdam since they combine Ola Electric. Users can stay in touch with our web portal for the latest technology and news around the world.

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