Tesla Delivers First China Made Model 3 Sedans in Just Under a Year

Tesla has started delivering Model 3 electric cars built at its Shanghai factory in just under a year since it starts to work on the $2 billion plants, a record for global automakers in China that said it would ramp up deliveries from next month.

The U.S Electric Car Maker, Tesla marked the start with an event on Monday where 15 Tesla employees received cars they had purchased, one of whom took the opportunity to propose marriage to his girlfriend after getting his new set of wheels.

The China-made Model 3 Sedans are priced at 355800 yuan ($50000) before subsidies. Imported Model 3 vehicles start at 439000 yuan for the longer-range version, while the standard range plus model costs under $40,000 in the United States.

US Electric Car Maker -Tesla

The Tesla Shanghai Factory was started and running in just 357 days and is plans to strengthen the World’s bigger car market and minimize the impact of the U.S. China trade war. Tesla previously imported all the cars it sold in China, had said it wanted to start deliveries from the Shanghai plant before the Lunar New Year, it starts from January 25.

Tao Lin, Tesla Vice President said at the delivery ceremony that “from now China-made Model 3 cars will start running on China’s large streets and small lanes.”

Wang Hao, China General Manager for Silicon Valley Carmaker said, Tesla plans to ramp up Model 3 deliveries in January. The Chinese government has been supportive of the Tesla, is the first wholly foreign-owned car plant. He also said that the plant has achieved a production target of 1000 units a week, or around 280 cars a day and that sales for the China-made sedan had so far been “very good”.

Tesla has taken a different approach to the Chinese market to reach more than 1.3 million new-energy vehicle sales last year, as is obvious from its marketing blitz in the country.

Tesla will double the number of service centers and fast-charging stations in China next year to assure customers of standardized after-sale service. And plans to increase more than double of its after-sales workforce to 1500 from about 600 currently, Tesla’s senior executive said.





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