The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Issues Notification for Colour Blindness

There is good news from the Union Government for lakhs of people, who to some extent cannot distinguish between colours but want to drive a transport vehicle. Till now such people did not procure a driving licence but going forward the government has said that it will be allowed. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification for an amendment to the FORM 1 and FORM 1A of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 enabling the citizens with mild to medium colour blindness in obtaining the Driving Licence. For private vehicles tests for colour, blindness will not be required.

Users of private vehicles tests will not be required to undertake for colour blindness tests now.

There was a strong demand for obtaining driving licences from colour blind citizens to the ministry in recent times, which has now been accepted. The issue was raised before medical experts and advice were sought from them. Based on the recommendations it has now been decided that only people with severe colour blindness will be prevented from getting a driving licence for transport vehicles. In the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, this decision will bring relief to many people who want to drive their own vehicles to follow social distancing.

The Ministry says it has been taking many measures to enable persons with disabilities to avail transport-related services and especially relating to the obtaining of a driving licence. The advisories issued with regards to facilitating the driving licence to disabled people has been issued and a further advisory for people with monocular vision had been issued earlier. According to the Government, similar permissions have also been given by many other countries across the world.


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